Self Storage Tips in Bellevue, WA



SafeGard Self Storage, in Bellevue, Redmond Washington, is happy to provide you with storage tips to help you make the most out of your storage solutions. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your items stay safe.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Storage Space:

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  • Store Most Often Used Items at the Front of the Unit for Quick Retrieval
  • Leave an Aisle so Items Are Easy to Access
  • Label All Top & Sides of Boxes so Label Is Exposed No Matter Where It Is Placed in the Unit
  • Mark Fragile Items to Ensure Items Will Be Handled Properly
  • Use Bubble Wrap, Peanuts, or Other Packing Materials to Protect Delicate Items
  • Consider the Space inside Large Items to Maximize Space: Small Items Can Be Placed in Drawers, on Shelves, or inside
  • Refrigerators or Freezers Once They Are in Place in the Unit
  • Protect Furniture with Pads or Blankets
Contact us in Bellevue, Redmond Washington for more storage tips from a representative of our storage facility.